Ale Alvarenga is currently one of the most well-rounded designers in the Brazilian designer furniture industry. Ale brings together expertise ranging from the creation, concept and manufacturing process all the way to branding strategies and sales.

He is an art director and consultant to various companies and always respects and highlights his client’s histories, relationships and individual identities. 

He has worked for renowned jewelers, with whom he sharpened his skills to win international awards. In fashion, he developed collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. He has also had experience in different industries as hospital-products, metal bathroom fixtures, toys and textiles. 

Ale worked directly with the international markets of countries like Holland, France, Russia, China, India and Canada with the interior design of restaurants and decorative pieces.

He graduated from the State University of Minas Gerais’ School of Design in 2002, a few years after he began working in the design market in 2000.

He was born in Caratinga, Minas Gerais. He is a libra and his rising and moon are in Aquarius.